About NACD


The National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) is a nonprofit organization that provides a national voice for more than 3,000 conservation districts across the United States. Conservation districts are local units of government established under state law to carry out natural resource management programs at the local level. NACD works with agriculture, conservation, environment, education and industry leaders.

As the national voice for all conservation districts, NACD supports voluntary incentive-driven natural resource conservation programs that benefit all citizens.


In 1955, NACD began a national education program to encourage and help people of all ages understand and appreciate our country's natural resources. We provide our members with a five-year curriculum for K–8 grade students, including an annual stewardship topic such as water, soil, pollinators and forestry. Through our conservation education program, we aim to support the conservation districts and the local communities with the needed knowledge and skills to educate future leaders and stewards of natural resources. Our mission is to promote the wise and responsible use of natural resources for all lands by representing locally-led conservation districts and their associations through grassroots advocacy, education and partnerships.


Why Conservation Education?

“The ready availability of good land and wildlife for so many generations gave rise to a careless and prodigal attitude toward our wealth of natural resources.”  -     Hugh Hammond Bennett


Conservation of natural resources is highly important not only because it protects our land, water and wildlife but also because it secures a better future for us all. Educating young people to care for natural resources conservation and to make appropriate decisions to protect the environment will help ensure the long-term health of our planet for generations to come. Helping today’s youth understand the need for effective conservation practices builds on the conservation legacy. Through NACD’s Stewardship and Education efforts, we help districts and communities extend the reach of their education programs.


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